The Millennial Entrepreneurial Spirit

Today, Labor Day is an official federal holiday with most taking advantage of the long weekend to plan mini vacations. But there’s one group for whom this day off may just be a suggestion to get more accomplished: millennial entrepreneurs!

In an environment of intense competition, most millennials believe that career success requires independence, inventiveness, and adaptability. Millennials are also less interested in managing others and climbing the corporate ladder than in owning their own businesses. Profit and purpose are inextricably linked for this self-determining generation.

Every day, millennial entrepreneurs are adding to a growing number of companies in both the traditional and non-traditional sectors. Millennial entrepreneurs are starting businesses a decade earlier than Boomers, launching in their mid-twenties versus the late thirties. Worldwide, the average millennial entrepreneur would have already started 7 companies by the age of 35. Their investible wealth now exceeds 5.6 billion.

However, outside of an unforgiving economy and mountains of student loan debt, the top 3 challenges that women business owners face are a limited access to funding and few industry-specific mentoring and skills development programs. They also experience the absence of resources that address the need for relationship building, time and stress management and increased self-confidence.

It is clear that millennial women entrepreneurs need to be guided in protecting their mental health just as fiercely and courageously as their ambition! At Counseling Space, P.C., the MILLENNIAL MINDS! Support Group for Millennial Women was created to fulfill this need. This group is designed to enhance self-awareness, improve mental well-being, explore problem-solving techniques and MORE!

Our supportive group sessions start on Tuesday, September 19th and space is LIMITED with only 8 slots available (see flyer for more details). Over the next 2 Mondays, we will share valuable insights into the stress and future outlook for millennials in our MILLENNIAL MONDAYS blog post series!

In the meantime, please feel free to share the flyer and information in this post with those you believe it would benefit. 

Stay tuned for next Monday’s post, and enjoy your Labor Day festivities!