Millennials: From Crisis to Community


Over the last two weeks, we have discussed 2 characteristics that make the millennial generation unlike any other before it: their impressive entrepreneurial spirit and the acute stress they suffer. Yet, there is another distinguishing trait that makes millennials stand out: millennials will utilize social media to promote and fund a charitable organization. In fact, an extraordinary 94% of millennials prefer to use their skills to benefit a cause.

As we face the 9/11 anniversary, many millennials will have memories of a previous school day marked by loss and horror. The current political climate, devastating hurricanes, and the uncertainty of the Dreamers (DACA) legislation could also have a negative impact on mental health with feelings of helplessness, nervousness, and hopelessness.  If these feelings are ignored, there is a risk of developing anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or depression.  

At Counseling Space, P.C., our focus is to empower millennials to turn to community so that crisis becomes the energy behind creation! In recognition of September as Suicide Prevention Month and the fact that there are very few mental health and wellness resources tailored to the millennial population, we created the MILLENNIAL MINDS! Support Group for Millennial Women.

Why millennial women? Because millennial women are the MOST stressed of the millennials; many quoting stress as the prime factor preventing them from making healthy lifestyle changes.

This group is designed to empower these millennial women to live with intention by enhancing their self-awareness, improving their mental well-being, exploring problem-solving techniques and so much MORE! Our supportive group sessions start on Tuesday, September 19th and space is LIMITED with only 8 slots available (see flyer for more details).

Lastly, here are some additional resources for those needing more immediate assistance with understanding the rights of Dreamers (DACA), the destruction of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and the weight of this week’s 9/11 commemorations:

Please feel free to share the flyer and information in this post with those you believe it would benefit. 

Stay tuned for our final Millennial Monday blog post next week, and have a great week!