Leslie Garcia

Founder, Counseling Space
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Leslie Garcia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is a first-generation American, born in New York City to immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic. With a passion for the mental health and wellness for women entrepreneurs, Leslie created Counseling Space to help women who are struggling behind the scenes with the mental challenges that are often associated with business ownership and professional leadership.

With over 15 years of experience in the mental health field, Leslie is dedicated to changing the conversations we have about mental health and educating others on the importance of preventative mental health and mental wellness plans. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at Stony Brook University and Master's Degree in Social Work at Fordham University including certifications in leadership, cognitive behavioral therapy, and care management. Leslie has worked in settings that allowed her to serve in multiple roles such as a mental health advocate, social worker, consultant, and supervisor. She has extensive experience working with immigrants, chronically ill individuals, social work students and for the World Trade Center 9/11 Responders.

Minaa B.

Licensed Mental Health Provider

Minaa is a licensed mental health provider, an author, and entrepreneur who specializes in treating anxiety and depression, and works with artists, entertainers and writers. She is also a creative who utilizes the arts as a form of creative expression and a healing tool for self-care. Minaa combines different treatment approaches to help you with overcoming your stressors and meeting your mental health needs.  Her unique strategies will guide you to achieve an abundant and whole-hearted living. If you are ready to talk to Minaa, click for your free consultation call.

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Identify Strength, Uncover Opportunity AND Conquer Challenges

We know how important it is for you to live your life to the fullest and simply find your happy place in the midst of the ups and downs that each day can bring. At the Counseling Space we’re committed to helping you improve the overall quality of your life while addressing any mental health conditions that may be forcing you to struggle.

With our customized support services we work with you one-on- one to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of your happiness and success.

Building Awareness and Focusing on Your Mental Health

It’s no secret that in the within minority communities the subject of mental health remains taboo. That’s why we’re committed to removing the shame and engaging on open dialogue about mental wellness issues that impact us individually and as a community.

Asking for help when you begin to feel stressed or experience emotional turmoil is nothing to be ashamed of.

Because You Matter

We've created clinical and consulting services that address your needs and provide you with practical and proven solutions to help you overcome all of the challenges life can bring.