Happy Holidays From Counseling Space


As we near the close of the year, it is a great time to access the previous year and look ahead to the next. For Counseling Space it has been a year of progress and growth. We have been working diligently to make online counseling an option for some of our clients, discussed the stigma of seeking
mental health in a nationally syndicated article, and expanded our clinical staff with the hiring of our newest therapist. All of these successes and a little research is leading us into a year that we hope will be one that allows us to further serve our clients.

We previously discussed the various benefits of online counseling. Flexible scheduling, lack of geographic boundaries, and the added consistency of therapy make it a desirable for both therapist and client. We are working diligently to acquire the licensing and technology necessary to make it an option for our qualifying clients and look forward to announcing the launch of this service.

Earlier this year we co-wrote a Huffington Post article entitled “Pride and Mental Health, Don’t Let the Stigma Kill You.”  It was our hope that the article would shed some light on the cultural stigmas associated with pursuing mental health, especially for people of color;  We hoped that the article would empower those in need of therapy to move beyond any embarrassment or fear to get the help that they need.

We heard our clients and potential clients express the value of our culturally competent therapy options and as a result, hired Minaa B. Minna’s experience and background are a perfect fit when it comes to empowering our clients with strategies for self-care have already proven invaluable.

As we look forward to next year it is the goal of Counseling Space to expand on and implement new programs and strategies to provide relevant and effective care to our clients. To that end, we recently conducted a survey of entrepreneurial women of color to gain better insight on how to address
their unique mental and emotional needs. We hope to make the insights from this survey public and to use that information to provide new services in the coming year.

We at Counseling Space wish you a happy holiday as well as a happy new year. We understand that for some, the holidays can be a difficult time. If you find the need to talk to someone please call 800-542-HELP (3638), 800-LIFENET (543-3638), or if you would like to discuss counseling reach out to Counseling Space directly at  347-494-5870 info@counselingpc.com.