Meet our new team member, Minaa B.

We at Counseling Space work hard to listen to and attend to our client's needs. Especially when it comes to the quality and effectiveness of your mental wellness programs. With that in mind, we are aware that many of our clients struggled in their search for a therapist who is bicultural or bilingual and understands how to be culturally competent when treating clients. The most common feedback we hear is the importance of talking to someone who understands their language and culture. As a result, we have added therapist and author Minaa B. to the Counseling Space staff.

Minaa is a Queens native with a degree in business administration and a master’s in social work. Minaa is the author of the book Rivers Are Coming as well as a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post and Conscious Magazine. Minaa also works as a mental health consultant for Head Start programs, where she develops interventions to support the socio-emotional development of infants and toddlers, and provides counseling to individuals, families, and caregivers.

Minaa’s passion lies in teaching her clients strategies for self-care and self-advocacy as she works to teach those around her how to think and act in ways that empower.  Minaa's goal is to offer hope to those whose stories have been erased and their voices made silent.

To schedule a consultation with Minaa, or to discuss your counseling needs call or email us today at 929-273-0167 or