The Power of Seeking Help Through Therapy

Too many of us die too soon because we did not speak.

Last month's news of the suicide of Linkin Park’s lead singer, Chester Bennington, left fans
and followers reeling in surprise and shock. But should we still be surprised when it has
become so common that those whose lives seem so perfect — take their lives?

5 years. 5 years is, statistically, the average time those who recognize that they need
help wait to actually see a therapist.
Note that I said 5 years from when they recognize
they need help, not 5 years from when they began struggling with whatever personal
demons, anxiety, or addictions. That timeframe could be years, if not decades longer!

As a licensed Social Worker and Wellness Advisor, I often sit in silence after seeing
clients with particularly troubling cases and wonder who they would be if they had
started therapy sooner. Who they would be, even, if they waited longer? Last month, I
wondered about Chester Bennington who, although public about his pain, may not have
ever acquired — or been offered — the tools to manage and overcome it.

Repeat after me: there is value in seeking help through therapy.

Therapy is self-care; therapy displays a sense of self-worth; therapy is an investment just
like opening a savings account or furthering your education; therapy is a way for you to
help yourself and others!

I am keenly aware that, for many of us, stigma is one of the greatest hindrances to
seeking therapy.
Men are trained to maintain impenetrable force fields of detachment.
Women groomed to be silent and long-suffering. And those truly troubled — wary of
seeking help — as they were raised in a culture that considers mental health a non-issue
or some temporary lapse or laziness that can be buried, beaten or prayed away.

I am here to tell you that the POWER lies in seeking the help that you need! We feel no
shame in spending thousands on taking care of the rest of our bodies: making more
than the required visits to the dentist, physician, gym, nutritionist, and beautician. So
why not take just as much care of the organ that keeps all the other organs alive? This
could easily be an acceptable and essential part of your self-care regimen!

So, there is no shame in seeking help from a therapist or mental wellness coach.

As a therapist AND wellness advisor, I share some of the benefits of therapy:

  • Life-Long Management and Problem-Solving Skills: Licensed psychologists,
    psychotherapists and social workers are trained to offer “talk therapy.” Through
    comfortable sessions of conversation, you will work to comprehend your thoughts, moods, triggers, motivations, and behaviors in an effort to balance and
    manage them in a healthy manner — in the present and long term.

  • Peace of Mind: Even before you grasp or learn these tools, you will benefit from
    the significant therapeutic effect that simply verbalizing your feelings has on the

  • Motivation and Support: Life coaches and therapists work to motivate you and
    build your confidence, so that you may achieve the goals that you are often
    fearful of pursuing.

DO NOT wait. DO NOT struggle in silence. We are here to assist you in creating step-by-
step plans to generate significant positive transformation in your life or in developing
approaches to overcome a current or previously life-long difficulty.

Everyone can use a little extra support in dealing with life’s frequent challenges.
Partnering with a professional strengthens you for the journey ahead and makes you
an equipped advocate for another needing the same help.

Are you working through something? Are you willing to take the leap into getting the
help you need? Share this post or interact with us in the comments below!

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