Gratitude, What is it Good For? Absolutely Everything!

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Are you too busy that you forget to practice gratitude every day?

Do you feel that what you are grateful for is not worth expressing? If anything, what life — and science — has shown us is that everything you are grateful for is worth written and verbal acknowledgement or being expressed in any way you desire! See the video below for a good example!

Feeling stuck on what to be grateful for? Here is one way to start. If you are reading this post, be grateful for your vision allowing you to see the screen in front of you, the faculty to read, and the ability to access technology and email.

It might sound minimal but what would your life look like without vision, comprehension, and technical resources? Think about it.  

You’re stuck, right? We have so many reasons to be thankful, and its time to elevate our attitude of gratitude!

Need a few more reasons why gratitude is everything? Here’s one:

Gratitude Improves Your Mental Health

It is known that gratitude makes us happier by enhancing empathy, self-esteem and resilience, reducing symptoms of stress and depression, preventing burnout, increasing the frequency of positive emotions, and improving our mental strength and psychological health. How? By literally re-wiring our brains!

A 2009 National Institutes of Health (NIH) study shows that our hypothalamus is activated and healthier when we are grateful or kind. Gratitude also floods our brains with the “natural high” chemical dopamine. So, the more we’re grateful, the more we want to be grateful and the cycle of good feelings continues.

And that’s not all! Gratitude also improves our physical health and social life and also develops our personality. We’ll cover these in our upcoming posts!

In the meantime, I’m excited to remind you of our Professional Gratitude Campaign where we publicly thank ALL the women entrepreneurs who have helped us — or are helping us to live what we originally believed to be impossible dreams!

If you’re interested in nominating a businesswoman who has helped you LEVEL UP, here are the rules [DOWNLOAD and SHARE the RULE CARD and SEE the AWESOME PRIZES below!]:

And, YES, you AND your nominee both have a chance to win!

 Also, STAY TUNED for our next posts on the other benefits of gratitude that are backed by science and other AWESOME UPDATES!

THANK YOU to all who have submitted nominations already! My heart is so full right now and it is my deepest honor to see and read all your stories of thankfulness and thriving!


Yours in Gratitude,

Leslie M. Garcia