Gratitude, What is it Good For? The Gift of a Caribbean Getaway!

As we stated in our last e-mail, when gratitude is at play, EVERYONE is a winner! That’s right, Gratitude Improves Your Social Life!

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When you’re in your best emotional and physical health, aren’t you the best partner, caregiver, friend, parent, sibling that you can be? You’re relaxed, balanced and able to handle things in a much more understanding, compassionate, helpful, and kind manner. And who doesn’t love a person that allows them the safe space to just be?

Hopefully, our words have generated pleasant thoughts about all the amazing people who have helped you get to where you are today. Parents, family members, mentors, coaches, teachers, best friends, social workers … and counselors!

As part of our August Professional Gratitude Campaign, we invite you to publicly thank ALL the women entrepreneurs who have helped you — or are helping you to live what you originally believed to be an impossible dream! See video below.

If you’re interested in nominating a businesswoman who has helped you LEVEL UP, here are the rules [DOWNLOAD and SHARE the RULE CARD and SEE the AWESOME PRIZES below!]:

And, YES, you AND your nominee both have a chance to win!

Also, STAY TUNED for our next posts on the other benefits of gratitude that are backed by science!

THANK YOU to all who have submitted nominations and are spreading the good news and grateful vibes. Let’s keep it going!

Who do you want to thank today?


Yours in Gratitude,

Leslie M. Garcia