Gratitude as a Career and Business Boost!

While the Professional Gratitude Campaign (see video) is still active and strong, Counseling Space wants to honor all the boss ladies we serve at the Counseling Space Wellness Hub for women leaders by taking some time to focus on how Gratitude Improves Your Professional Skills.

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Previously, we’ve discussed how gratitude improves your social life by making you happier and energized and, therefore, more approachable and open to welcoming others into your circle! Here is another bonus for you. The professional benefits of gratitude are that it:


1.     Makes you a more efficient manager

2.     Increases your goal achievement

3.     Amplifies your productivity


How? For one, your team will be much more enthusiastic, creative and solution-oriented when they are appreciated and praised rather than criticized.  

Secondly, when trying to build a team, business, legacy, or empire, it is so easy to fall into the trap of focusing on all the things you didn’t do rather than on the things you actually accomplished no matter how small! A gratitude journal, for example, works to remind you just how many resources around you go unnoticed or under-appreciated and prompts you to turn your attention from what could have been to WHAT IS truly going well!

How much easier is it to keep going and preserve your productivity when you feel supported and successful, no matter what?

Professional Gratitude is a unique, inexpensive and effective way to boost your confidence in your career by focusing on your professional wins, assessing how you made these wins, and noting what you learned about yourself in the process. And the last step is to always remember to THANK YOURSELF just as much as you thank your team.

And if our gratitude posts are making you feel some type of way, we INVITE YOU to thank a businesswoman who helped you get to where you are right now! There are so many #levelstowellness and gratitude is at the base of it all!

Thank a woman business owner who helped you LEVEL UP, by taking part in our Professional Gratitude Campaign.

Here are the rules [DOWNLOAD and SHARE the RULE CARD and SEE the AWESOME PRIZES below!]:

Remember, gratitude is a massively underutilized tool for improving your life, business and career satisfaction!


Yours in Gratitude,

Leslie M. Garcia