Gratitude and the Value of Saying "No."

What does gratitude and saying “no” have in common?

As we discovered in one of our earlier posts, gratitude elevates our self-esteem, empathy and mental strength. A 2012 University of Kentucky study showed that those who rank higher on the gratitude scale are more sensitive and empathetic towards others. And we can assure you that this extends to ourselves as well! Other studies have shown that gratitude also reduces our tendency towards making social comparisons, which is essential in this age of overnight business successes, insta-stardom and selfies!

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This re-wiring of our brains and bodies to primarily see and observe the best in others and ourselves makes us more mindful about where and how we expand our mental and emotional energy.

Therefore, it is much easier for the grateful person to say “no” to self-doubt in all forms.

As a Wellness Hub for women business owners and leaders, we understand the doubt that may have almost stopped you from business ownership or pursuing a professional leadership position. The self-doubt that fed you false statements about your abilities and the stability of your future. Where would you be had you been convinced of these lies?

Yes, THANK GOODNESS that you were able to overcome the doubts and naysayers by saying “NO” and affirming “YES!” See more in the video below.

Here are TWO BONUS resources if you are still working to dispel the little voice that whispers hesitantly in your head:

  1. Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box by The Arbinger Institute. Written as a novel, Leadership and Self-Deception is specifically written for leaders — like you — looking to get the most out of their work by getting their mind right.

  2. Counseling Space’s fast and fun Professional Gratitude Worksheet!


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Yours in Gratitude,

Leslie M. Garcia