Stepping Out of My Comfort-Zone Helped Me Learn Something New

I knew I had to do it.

Last weekend, I was invited to a silent retreat and decided to go after hearing so many positive experiences from others.  I must admit for a NYC lady who is surrounded by ongoing distractions, and who talks and listens for a living, this was a huge deal for me.  Several days before leaving, my friend cancelled on me, and I immediately said, I’m not going to this retreat alone and share a room with strangers! But then, I paused and just said YES!  Why? Well, I suddenly remembered that my theme word for 2018 is “ADVENTUROUS” and I knew that going alone, spending the weekend in the mountains with strangers was definitely an adventure for me.  I decided to make a brief video to share my experience with you.

My takeaways:

  • I learned how to improve my meditation skills.

  • Happiness is a conscious effort to be apart of your lifestyle and not only when we are sad.

  • “Did I go above and beyond” is the question we must ask for every goal we want to accomplish.

I am truly grateful for having my friend for inviting me to a place where I was able to replenish my soul.  The lessons that I learned will allow me to better serve people like you and my community. I believe that I had to experience my time alone.  

Have you ever experienced an opportunity that is out of your comfort zone but you know in your heart that you need to say finally say YES? I often have to remind myself that stepping out of my comfort zone allows me to grow and sustain my happiness.  Happiness is so much lighter than sadness. When my clients tell me that they feel emotionally lighter after their session with me, it just gives me so much momentum!

I hope you will be proactive and take on an action that will allow you to share the same feeling. I am hosting another event that’s taking me out of my comfort-zone called Write To Heal. We will be discussing ways writing can help heal our traumas. Hope to see you there.

With Wellness,