Learning to Let Go & Gain Control


In NYC, summer is officially over and I broke my promise with summer. I promised myself to decrease my workload this summer but I didn’t. Trust me, it is challenging for me to take a break out of Counseling Space and CEO Motions because I simply don’t see it as work. To grow a business, your energy is absorbed and therefore, we have to stop and simply regain our energy. But the question is, how can this be done?

  1. Relaxing and going home on time from the office, or just taking a break.

  2. Decreasing your workload. For me, that means decreasing my sessions and hiring another mental health provider. It also means hiring support staff to alleviate the administrative burden.

  3. Delegate-I plan to hire staff and only have a small caseload of clients. Also, I will ask for help without the guilt feeling lingering.

  4. Assessing outside resources that you are not utilizing. Where can you use outside resources to decrease your workload?

  5. Time Management. Having time blocks for certain tasks or even scheduling time specifically for self-care.

I’m sure you are taking on too many tasks. You believe that if I don’t do it, it won’t get done, you feel guilty for maybe being a burden, or the common excuse that you won’t admit, which is that you just want to have control. These are challenges that are so common during my sessions with clients. You are carrying weight that others can carry for you and this will broaden the space for ongoing abundance. To be honest, the severe consequences that you can face are burn-out, chronic stress, and mental health challenges.

It’s time to prioritize you and your wellness.

You can check out some of the wellness activities that my wellness boutique, CEO Motions is hosting:

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