Thank You To All of Our Supporters

Dear Counseling Space Supporters,

Can you believe that we are approaching a new year? As I reflect back, it has been adventurous, which was my theme word for 2018.  One major decision that I had to do was to let go apart of my business which can allow me to expand Counseling Space and offer additional services.  It was adventurous for me to reduce my hours and shift my position to commit more time as a CEO. I realized that I can no longer be a full time clinician and CEO. This combination was leading to burnout! Once I made this shift, new developments were presented to grow Counseling Space.

As you take the time to reflect and plan to have abundance in your life, don’t forget to let go and shift areas in your life that can no longer nourish you.  This is a process that we help our clients with and we encourage them not to feel guilty but acknowledge this journey as a self-care movement. If you are ready to give yourself permission to let go and live, all you have to do is simply reach out to us.

We want to take this moment to express our gratitude for your ongoing support.   You helped us raise awareness about the importance of mental health and to save lives!

This is what Counseling Space is all about. It is our goal to be part of the movement to end mental health stigma and we are proud to have you in our network.

It is our wish that you have a peaceful and healthy holiday season.

With Wellness,