Politically Stressed

It isn’t so easy when the bizarre place you find yourself in is home and the only one you have ever known!

It is even more difficult when you realize that what you are seeing on the news, reading in the headlines, and overhearing while on your commute is not fictitious.

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In fact, it is real. So very real.

Many of us anticipated some level of post-election turmoil, but not to this degree.  As a woman of color living within the covert and institutionalized systems that have oppressed many, I am no longer surprised by the horrific activities that populate our news feeds with alarming regularity.

Yes, even as a native New Yorker, I am keenly aware of the indirect racism cues that thrive even in my own backyard. I also believe that building and maintaining self-awareness is extremely essential more so now.  I can understand the level of shock one can experience, but if you study and observe the events as a sequence with identifiable causes and effects (although unthinkable in some cases), it will help you to be mentally prepared.

Instead of fueling anger, I chose to empower you with an Anti-Stress Movement Checklist for challenging times. If you can do, at least, half these activities, and be consistent, you will be better equipped to cope and not lose yourself to despair which, I believe, is the goal of the haters. ADD your e-mail below to download the checklist now!

If you find your political stress is too overwhelming, book a free consultation. I have opened more slots, and I am here to listen. Trust me, I get it.


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