What To Do When a Therapist Doesn’t Take Insurance

Countless potential clients contact me and the conversation starts something like this:

Yes! Yes, you can.

Potential Client: “Do you take my health insurance?”

Me: “I don’t accept your plan, but….”  

After an uncertain pause, I would share the ways in which they could use their current insurance plan to offset therapy costs with an out-of-network provider.

You DO NOT have to wreck your budget to start your journey to wellness!

As I walk potential clients through the steps they should follow and questions they should ask their insurance provider, I am often surprised by how many are unaware about 3 IMPORTANT points:

  1. That it may be possible to receive reimbursement for sessions if the provider they are seeking does not accept their insurance.
  2. Whether they qualify for reimbursement under their current plan.
  3. The deductible and reimbursement amounts involved when using an out-of-network provider.

After sharing the relevant information, many eventually take action and follow-up with me to start therapy using their out-of-network options. I have even had other clients who call within 1 - 3 days to move forward by paying out of pocket because they felt comfortable and appreciated the time I took to educate them about their coverage options!

Your mental wellness is important. If you have gone as far as to research, select, and call an ideal therapist, do not be so quick to hang up — or give up — on the first call if they do not take your insurance. There are options available. Be persistent in discovering ways in which you can comfortably afford therapy, so that you may start your wellness journey sooner than later!

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For many, enrollment is fast approaching. Refresh your health goals, and choose a plan that will support BOTH your mental and physical wellness intentions!

Have a great week!