Mental Silence


As a therapist of color, I am heartbreakingly aware of the power of silence and shame in our communities. When our walls of resilience fail us, silence and shame prevent us from speaking up or seeking help for the mental and emotional turmoil we suffer.

There is also the stigma around mental health in communities of color. The misconception that depression, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and even alcoholism are signs of weakness — character flaws that could be buried, beaten or prayed away.

But mental illnesses have underlying chemical and biological origins. You CANNOT just shake them off!

See Nikki Webber Allen's video below.


African-Americans are at a 20% percent greater risk of developing a mental disorder. Hispanic students between grades 9 - 12 are at greater risk of attempting suicide than their black and white peers. At 28.3% American Indians and Alaska natives have the highest rate of mental health conditions among all communities.

Silence and shame are our first barriers to healing. Lacking access to culturally competent therapists, social workers, and counselors of color is the other. However, therapists dedicated to communities of color are available to assist you on the path to healing.

Two excellent resources are the:

EVERYONE can use a little extra support in dealing with life’s frequent challenges. Over 70% of those struggling with mental illness will improve with therapy, treatment, and medication!

Are you seeking help but don’t know where to start? Visit the resources above, or follow this link to book a FREE Mental Wellness Consultation with us at Counseling Space, P.C. As therapists of color, we are dedicated to the mental well-being of our communities of color. WE are here to serve YOU!

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