Be Grateful for Whatever Comes

Earlier this week I came across a beautiful poem by Rumi titled The Guest House. I have included the full poem below, so you may read it at your leisure.

For me, this poem was a reminder of the importance of gratitude and right focus. When I say “right focus”, I mean focusing, not ONLY on your faults and the things you’d like to change but also on your positive traits, strengths, and accomplishments.

Rumi describes depression and joy similarly as visitors who come to guide us. He does not say one is more valuable than the other, but that we must acknowledge BOTH!

This has been my message to you over the last few weeks with the “Look in the Mirror” Exercise and “Inner Strength Worksheet” downloads: to recognize that the good and bad experiences work equally to help us grow.

Do not judge your sorrow. Do not stay stagnant. With acceptance, let each guest come and go with the lesson. Most importantly, do not fall into the trap of only seeing the negative, but make a determination to shift to a more positive mindset.

We understand that we can use some encouragement with this goal which is why we created our “Inner Strength Worksheet” to help you shift your focus. There are also only 5 MORE DAYS to take advantage of our FREE 30-MINUTE Inner Strength Boost Sessions. I invite you to complete the worksheet then click the button below to sign up for a session.


Remember, there is so much to be grateful for – if we only mindfully shift our perspectives!

Enjoy, share the poem, and have a great week!