Counseling Space is in the Chrysler! Let's Celebrate!

In September, Counseling Space will be opening a new wellness hub for women entrepreneurs and professional leaders in the Chrysler Building! You may visit the new site at

If you know others who would enjoy our grand opening celebration and could benefit from our customized services in the Manhattan area, please share the website, this post and post image via email or your social media profiles.

As you may have heard, Counseling Space is ending the summer with a Professional Gratitude Campaign. See video for details.

Through the Professional Gratitude Campaign , we publicly thank ALL the women entrepreneurs who have helped us — or are helping us to live what we originally believed to be impossible dreams!

Does anyone come to mind? Think about it and get back to us. We’re pretty sure you won’t be able to stop at JUST ONE nomination! 

As a wellness hub for women entrepreneurs and professional leaders, we want to offer you and the women in your professional network a confidence booster as you ease out of summer and transition back to a FULL fall schedule.

 If you’re interested in nominating a businesswoman who has helped you LEVEL UP, here are the rules [DOWNLOAD and SHARE the RULE CARD and SEE the AWESOME PRIZES below!]:

And, YES, you read that right! You AND your nominee both have a chance to win! And that is EXACTLY how gratitude works –– everyone is a winner!

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Yours in Gratitude,

Leslie M. Garcia